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Sending this holiday e-card will teach you how to write a little HTML

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codecademy holiday card screenshot
codecademy holiday card screenshot

Codecademy is the most well known and well funded of the startups which sprouted over the last year and half offering innovative ways for normal folks to learn how to program. It attracted investors like Kleiner Perkins and Union Square Ventures, as well as high profile users like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It was this writer's New Year's resolution last year, though sadly I stopped my coding practice after just a few weeks. Today the company is offering a new product themed for the holidays. Pick one of six holiday e-cards and the service will teach you how to create it yourself with a tutorial in HTML and CSS. You can tweak the existing "code cards" or create one from scratch with the help of a few prepared ingredients. Codecademy founder Zach Sims says the company wanted to do something that "Emphasized hands on learning and building instead of starting with the basics of a programming language."