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This TARDIS replica is actually bigger on the inside

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Tardis Greg Kumparak
Tardis Greg Kumparak

Replicas of the time-traveling TARDIS from Doctor Who are a dime-a-dozen thanks to the snowballing popularity of the show, but the laws of physics generally prohibit one that's actually "bigger on the inside," as per the series' canon. After creating a miniature wooden model with a working light, Greg Kumparak thought to make his TARDIS even more accurate using an augmented reality app — but first he had to build one. Using Blender, Kumparak created a 3D render of the TARDIS' interior as it was from 2005-2010 — throughout the ninth and tenth Doctors — and then built an app using the Unity game engine and Qualcomm's Vuforia API. The resulting augmented reality app plays the TARDIS' familiar ambient sounds and uses a "timey wimey" black and white image hidden behind the front panel of the model to create the illusion that it's truly bigger on the inside. Kumpark is considering making a papercraft version of his replica — which you can see in action in the video below — so that anyone can play with this delightfully mind-bending representation of the TARDIS.