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Steve Jobs' yacht free to leave after payment dispute with designer Philippe Starck is resolved

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Steve Jobs yacht
Steve Jobs yacht

A few days ago we learned that Venus, the yacht that renowned designer Philippe Starck crafted for the late Steve Jobs, was stuck in a harbor due to a payment dispute. According to Le Monde, the issue has now been resolved. The problem stemmed from a simple issue of payment: Starck had been paid approximately €6 million (around $7.9 million) for his work on the €100 million (roughly $132 million) vessel, in line with the 6 percent commission he'd allegedly been promised.

Starck, however, felt he was owed €9 million (about $11.9 million), a fixed number reportedly based upon the originally-anticipated construction costs. Either way, Le Monde reports that a solution has been reached and the appropriate monies have been transferred, opening the way for the yacht to be on its way — iMacs and all.