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Plex desktop app rebranded as Plex Home Theater, adds AirPlay in preview release

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Plex Home Theater
Plex Home Theater

Just in time for the holidays Plex has announced some changes to its popular media software, with a preview release giving customers an early look. In a recent blog post, Plex details changes to its Mac and PC application, Plex Media Center. Moving forward, the app will be known as Plex Home Theater — in order to avoid confusion with its media server application, the company says — with the update bringing a number of bug fixes and updates. AirPlay support is included in the new version, allowing users to stream content wirelessly to the app (perfect for anyone that has a computer running Plex hooked up to their TV).

However, the update isn't available to the general public just yet. It's being made available to members of the PlexPass subscription service, with the company cautioning that it is very much a preview release with all of the bugs and problems one would expect. There's no word yet on when the new Home Theater application will hit general release, but if you're a subscriber and would like to try out the new features immediately, it's available for download now.