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What was the best-tasting dinosaur?

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Ornithomimid (wikimedia commons)
Ornithomimid (wikimedia commons)

It might not be possible to actually bring dinosaurs back to life, but that won’t stop us from dreaming — about which one would be the most delicious. Popular Science answers the age-old question by considering what the animals’ diets and behavior were like, declaring that the ornithomimid (pictured above) would "yield the most consumer-friendly cut of meat, while still maintaining a unique dinosaur taste." We guess it’ll have to do since brontosaurus burgers are off the historical menu. And while Montana State University professor David Varicchio believes sauropod neck could be a delicacy, he thinks you’d probably want to pass on the T-Rex. A carrion-heavy diet would leave its meat "pretty parasite-laden."