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Sound recording from the ISS shows just how noisy it is up there

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International Space Station
International Space Station

Chris Hadfield, the astronaut aboard the International Space Station that recorded the first song in space, has released a recording of the ambient noise that is ever present on the orbiting station. If you had the impression that being on the space station would be a quiet, peaceful endeavor, you'd be wrong, as the recording goes to demonstrate just how much noise is going on in the background. Much of the noise comes from the fans and air pumps necessary to keep the astronauts breathing, so we don't think many of the passengers on the ISS complain about it. It does go to show just how hard it might be to cleanly record a musical number while on the station, as Hadfield likened it to "playing in the back of a bus." You can hear the ambient noise from the ISS and get a small impression of day to day life on the station in the recording embedded below.