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Gracenote bringing personalized TV ads to your living room in 2013

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super hi-vision 1020 stock
super hi-vision 1020 stock

We've grown used to targeted ads across the internet, but personalized marketing has yet to reach its full potential on the TV screen. Gracenote is hoping it can buck that trend with a new ad replacement platform that's set to debut at CES in January. Recent acquisitions have helped Gracenote, best known for its music-related endeavors, make big strides with a system that promises to replace ads run by broadcasters with those picked by Smart TV and set-top box makers. More importantly, it will tailor the advertisements you see based on factors like gender, age, personal income, and credit history. Further, it could provide sponsors with more accurate data about who's actually watching their ads as opposed to immediately skipping over them.

Traditionally advertisers have had to target their dollars at a show that's proven popular among a certain target demographic, but this approach limits their ability to dive deeper in search of the ideal customer. Gracenote's solution will give buyers the chance to sell different products to various segments of people during the exact same commercial slot. A male viewer in his 40s may see a car commercial while a younger woman may be served a fashion-oriented ad, for instance. Following its CES debut, Gracenote hopes to have its ad service integrated with shipping hardware by the end of 2013.