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Smart TV owners stream video, but shun other apps

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Gallery Photo: Philips spring 2012 smart TV range
Gallery Photo: Philips spring 2012 smart TV range

It's no secret that smart TVs aren't the internet-connected living room computers that they've been made out to be — earlier this year, an NPD study revealed that less than half of smart TV owners even have them hooked up to the internet. A new study from the NPD shows that little has changed, and connected TV owners still aren't using the devices to their full potential. Of those who have connected their sets to the web, nearly 60 percent use them for over-the-top streaming video services, and about 15 percent of users access streaming music services like Pandora. Roughly ten percent of users use their televisions for web browsing, and few access social networks, play games or shop online. Even though the data clearly shows consumers still prefer to use their televisions for video rather than accessing other online services, LG has already announced its next line of Google TVs set to be unveiled at CES early next year — and in all likelihood, LG won't be the only one.