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Sonos Playbar outed in new FCC filing

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Sonos Playbar FCC label
Sonos Playbar FCC label

Sonos will be soon be extending its range of wireless speakers with a new model called the Playbar, according to a new FCC filing. Like all other Sonos devices, the new Playbar is likely to use a proprietary wireless system this time based on dual-band 802.11n but otherwise the filing doesn’t hint at where this new speaker will fall in the company’s lineup. Sonos could, however, be positioning the speaker as a soundbar for the home theater market. It’s a gap that the company has yet to fill, and a matchup with the Sonos Sub would almost certainly be a boon for home cinema enthusiasts looking to declutter their setup. For now, though, the world will simply have to wait until Sonos is ready to launch whatever it has in mind.