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Hyundai Connectivity Concept ditches car keys in favor of your NFC-equipped smartphone

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Hyundai NFC
Hyundai NFC

Toyota may have been the first automaker to roll out Qi wireless charging in a car, but Hyundai's NFC plans for the next few years appear even more ambitious. With its new Connectivity Concept — scheduled to reach production in 2015 — the company wants drivers to forget all about the metal set of keys they've been lugging around for years; in the future you'll need only an NFC-enabled smartphone to control your car. Hyundai sampled the technology earlier this week on its New Generation i30, though it wouldn't offer up pricing details or confirm which vehicle models will ultimately be receiving the package.

Hyundai's wireless technology isn't unlike existing, installable wireless systems that let you unlock a car's doors from a smartphone app, but it's a bit more sophisticated. Through NFC, each vehicle will be able to save custom user "profiles" based on the specific phone being used. So the car could theoretically set your mirror positions, seat inclination, and preferred stereo volume before you even strap on a seatbelt. Much like Toyota's Qi approach, a built-in inductive charging plate would provide power to compatible devices on the move, with the car's touchscreen displaying your contacts, music library, and other personal data.