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Amazon reveals holiday performance, says Cyber Monday was biggest Kindle sales day ever

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Amazon box (STOCK)
Amazon box (STOCK)

The 2012 holiday shopping season was Amazon's most successful yet, the company announced today. As you might expect from the internet's leading retailer, Cyber Monday was the big standout; over 26.5 million items were purchased on that day alone, amounting to 306 items per second. That massive growth nearly doubles 2010's record, when 13.7 million items were ordered on November 29th.

Consumer demand for Kindle hardware appears to be holding strong, with the Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle dominating the company's best seller charts since their launch. Cyber Monday was the biggest day ever for worldwide Kindle sales, though — as always — Amazon refrains from providing specific figures that would lend much-needed context to that success. But even without hard numbers, it's clear that Amazon's digital ecosystem benefitted from the hardware sales boom: Christmas Day saw more digital downloads and purchases than any other in Amazon's history.

Amazon's ecosystem is growing in both popularity and content depth

The company is also touting its efforts in the ebook realm, claiming that over 175,000 "exclusive" books came to the Kindle store this year. Further, 23 authors offering their work through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform enjoyed sales of over 250,000. For the full details on Amazon's holiday season, and to see which products proved most popular in each category, head to the company's site below.