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NASA and Foursquare offering Curiosity badge for checking in at science centers

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NASA Foursquare Badge
NASA Foursquare Badge

It's no secret that NASA has seen great success with social media and the Curiosity rover. Now, it's trying to turn some of that interest into real science education. In a partnership with Foursquare, it's offering a Curiosity rover badge to users who follow NASA and check into a NASA visitor center, science museum, or planetarium. They'll also be greeted with the following message:

Get out your rock-vaporizing laser! You've explored your scientific curiosities just like NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars. Stay curious and keep exploring. You never know what you'll find.

The Curiosity rover itself is on Foursquare — it made the first check-in from another planet on Mars in October. In 2010, an astronaut also became the first person to check in from space, launching the now long-running partnership between NASA and Foursquare. An older badge, "NASA Explorer," was offered to users who checked in at recommended locations from NASA's page.