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Crime-fighting drones to be marketed by Japanese security firm starting in 2014

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secom drone
secom drone

Today aerial drones are most often employed by governments and police, but before long you'll be able to rent them from private security firms. One such company out of Japan, Secom, says it will begin leasing surveillance drones to local clients in 2014. These drones will be dispatched immediately when break-ins or other crimes are detected. The airborne security measure offers a greater field of view compared to traditional cameras that often have blind spots or other vulnerabilities.

Of course, drones themselves aren't exactly known for durability — the expensive devices can often be brought down with concentrated effort. As such, the Secom-leased drones are programmed to maintain a safe distance from suspects, though that also means intruders will need to look up for the camera to get the best footage. The drone will also track motion by way of a built-in laser. Interested companies will be able to rent the drone sometime in April 2014 or shortly thereafter for 5,000 yen ($58) monthly. For a look at the drone in action, check out this video.