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'American Experience' documentary to tell the tale of Silicon Valley's origins

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PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Fairchild Semiconductor
PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Fairchild Semiconductor

Silicon Valley may make you think of a sea of startups trying to make it big in the shadows of companies like Google, Apple, Oracle, and HP, but a new documentary in PBS' excellent American Experience series is winding back the clock to the origins of the tech hub in Northern California. "Silicon Valley" tells the tale through the story of Robert Noyce, who co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and later co-invented the integrated circuit before founding Intel with his colleague, Gordon Moore. It may not have the drama of Bravo's poorly-received reality TV show chronicling the exploits of a few 20-somethings or a Mike Judge HBO comedy series based in the Valley, but if past American Experience documentaries are anything to go by, the hour and 30 minute-long "Silicon Valley" will be worth your time when it premiers on February 19th at 8PM ET.