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Good Deal: 'The Walking Dead' episodes two through five half off on Xbox Live today only

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walking dead good deal
walking dead good deal

As part of its ongoing Countdown to 2013 promotion, Microsoft is today offering episodes two through five of The Walking Dead for half off on Xbox Live. The game's first episode remains free after going on sale Christmas day; that discount will run until December 31st. But you'll have to act today if you want Episode 2: Starved for Help, Episode 3: Long Road Ahead, Episode 4: Around Every Corner, and the game's final chapter, No Time Left. Normally 400 Microsoft Points each, the episodes will run you just 200 ($2.50) for the next 24 hours. For fans of the comic / TV show or anyone that hasn't yet experienced Telltale's The Walking Dead — destined to appear on a number of Game of the Year lists — now would be the perfect time to jump in.