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Fujitsu blames tepid Windows 8 demand for lackluster PC sales

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Fujitsu Arrows Tab QH55 Windows 8 tablet
Fujitsu Arrows Tab QH55 Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft has bet the farm on Windows 8 and its new modern-style interface, but it seems that not everyone is ready to get on board with the tiles and colors just yet. Earlier reports had claimed that demand for Windows 8 hasn't lived up to Microsoft's own internal expectations, and now Fujitsu, an important partner for Microsoft, is blaming its poor PC sales performance on the lack of interest in Windows 8. According to a report from Bloomberg, Fujitsu president Masami Yamamoto pointed to the "weak" demand for Windows 8 as a reason why Fujitsu won't make its shipment target for new computers in 2012. Microsoft apparently pointed the finger at manufacturers in its own internal reports, but now manufacturers are turning the blame right around and saying it's Windows 8 that is at fault.

Dell, another Microsoft hardware partner, doesn't seem to be having the same issues as Fujitsu, however, as it has said that demand for Windows 8 was "quite high" earlier this month. It's still far too early to say whether or not Windows 8 is a success for Microsoft, but it's safe to say that with the increased demand for tablets and "post-PC" devices, PC manufacturers have a challenging road ahead of them.