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Sony rumored to unveil its 5-inch, 1080p Xperia Z smartphone at CES, launch it just a week later

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Sony logo NYC HQ (STOCK)
Sony logo NYC HQ (STOCK)

It's looking increasingly likely that Sony will unveil a new 1080p, 5-inch smartphone at CES 2013 to compete with the Galaxy Note II and Droid DNA. We saw some pictures of the rumored Sony Yuga a few weeks ago, but now Chinese site ePrice has posted images of what appears to be the same device with that large, 1080p screen powered on. It looks like Sony will officially name the Yuga the Xperia Z and will likely make it its flagship smartphone for the first half of 2013 — unsurprising, considering the size and density of the display. As for when we might see the device, ePrice believes it'll be available on January 15th, just a week after its unveiling at CES 2013. That'd be an impressive turnaround — too many phones frustratingly haven't gotten concrete or timely release dates as of late, so we'd be happy to see Sony release this device to consumers as quickly as possible.