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Video game characters come to life as stunning papercraft models

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Knuckles papercraft
Knuckles papercraft

With their polygonal shapes and simple textures, classic video game characters make ideal subjects for papercraft, the origami-like art of creating 3D models using specially-printed sheets of paper. DeviantArt user Destro2k — real name Dominik Kempen — has taken this fact and run with it, producing dozens of stunning creations, ranging from Nintendo's Yoshi and Sega's Knuckles, pictured above, to more complex creations such as the Big Sister enemy from Bioshock 2.


Kempen's feed doesn't just contain pictures of the finished models — often, as in the case of the Claptrap from Borderlands, he provides a series of images detailing the build process. For readers interested in trying out the hobby themselves, he also offers a six-part tutorial, explaining how to use 3D modelling software Metasequoia and printing suite Pepakura Designer to create the building blocks of a model, before taking the reader through the lengthy and painstaking process of putting it together.