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Find tweetable sentences on any webpage with Save Publishing

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Save Publishing Screenshot
Save Publishing Screenshot

Twitter, that medium of disposable aphorisms, demands short phrases that can be hard to estimate when you just want to share a quick sentence and a link. But what if you could quickly identify any section that would fit into a single tweet? Paul Ford, former editor of Harper's and longtime writer and coder, has designed a bookmarklet that automatically highlights any tweetable sentences on a given page and lets you post them with a couple of clicks.

Save Publishing, as the tool is called, is still in alpha, and it doesn't always work cleanly. When it does, it's an interesting experiment and — sometimes — a genuinely useful way to find the short and pithy bits of an article you'd like to share. "It started as a joke," Ford writes, "and now it's serious and I use it all day." You can find the bookmarklet, as well as a privacy statement and more information, on his Save Publishing site.