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BlackBerry reigns supreme in developing nations, but for how long?

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BlackBerry logo stock (1020)
BlackBerry logo stock (1020)

In so-called developing nations like Indonesia and Nigeria, BlackBerry is still the dominant force it once was in the US and Europe. An article published by The Globe and Mail profiles these emerging markets, revealing the troubles the Canadian phone maker faces as their GDP (and disposable income) rises. The paper reports on the moves Samsung and Apple have made to exploit this increased spending power, but BlackBerry has, so far, weathered the storm with a series of comparatively low-cost devices.

The company has a plan to recapture the high-end market throughout the world and reinforce its position elsewhere: its next-gen OS, BB10, is scheduled for a January launch in North America and Europe but will also arrive simultaneously in less-established markets. For the full report, click through to the source below.