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War games: Soviet arcade museum features military-built machines

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Morskoi Boy arcade machine
Morskoi Boy arcade machine

Arcade machines built in the Soviet Union during the 1970s were a bit different than those found in the United States and Japan at the time: instead of being made by video game companies, many were constructed in government military factories. To keep the gaming history and nostalgia alive, four friends from the Moscow State Technical University opened the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines five years ago in a bomb shelter underneath the university — now the home to about 40 arcade machines, half of which are under repair. One of the games, Morskoi Boy (or Sea Battle), uses a real submarine periscope and was built in an actual submarine factory, and lets players take down battleships with the help of trusty torpedoes. Head over to the source to check out the other games at the museum, then feel free to go a couple of rounds with a flash version of Morskoi Boy.