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Eric Schmidt and Google Ideas director Jared Cohen tackle humanity's future in new book

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eric schmidt nexus
eric schmidt nexus

Knopf Publishers has announced that Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Google Ideas director Jared Cohen are co-authoring The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business: a book that aims to reconcile a range of social topics with the promise of emerging technologies. "Our understanding of nearly every aspect of life will change," the authors write, "from the minutia of our daily lives to more fundamental questions about identity, relationships and even our own security." Knopf says the book will address the future power balance of citizens and states, the execution of terrorism, personal privacy and security, and war, diplomacy, and revolution — all in the context of a hyper-connected planet.

It's a wide perspective on the future, but one that Schmidt is familiar with: in his role as a Google executive, Schmidt has used the podium to convey a vision of a high-tech future that will foster global collaboration and equality. And the company's think tank, Google Ideas, has tackled societal issues like violent extremism and illicit networks of drug cartels and arms dealers. You can read The New Digital Age when it is released next year on April 23rd.