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Tweetro hits back at Twitter API restrictions with $9.99 Windows Store relaunch

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tweetro+ screenshot
tweetro+ screenshot

After Twitter's imposition of strict API limitations "completely crippled" Tweetro, the popular Windows 8 client's developers have pressed reset. A new app called Tweetro+ is now available in the Windows Store for both Windows 8 and RT, but there's a catch — you'll have to pay $9.99 this time around, or $12.99 in a couple of weeks.

As with the $19.99 Tweetbot for Mac, Tweetro+'s developers have felt the need to charge a fairly high price because Twitter's API rules limit third-party apps to a maximum of 100,000 user tokens. Tweetro+ allows you to use two Twitter accounts at first, but additional in-app purchases can raise that limit to five.

It's becoming increasingly clear that future Twitter clients are likely to carry premium price tags, but that's not the only worry; in a swipe at Twitter's new policies, the app description says the developers "cannot guarantee that this app will continue to function in the same way that it does in its purchased state." Twitter, meanwhile, is still making users wait for its own official Windows 8 client.