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Hackulous, the pirated iOS app community, abruptly closes

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Installous cydia stock
Installous cydia stock

Hackulous, the community and website behind the popular app Installous, has been shut down. In a statement on the Hackulous website, the team says the site has been shuttered due to a "stagnant" community and forums that resemble "a ghost town." The Hackulous repository used for jailbreak app Cydia has also gone offline, taking Installous a downloader for cracked iOS apps with it.

It’s a sudden and abrupt move considering the popularity of the website and associated app. The reason for the closure doesn’t seem to make much sense either, according to TorrentFreak, who contacted two people familiar with the matter claiming that the site still had "plenty of users." As TorrentFreak points out, though, the absence of a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 as well as increasingly long wait times for updated jailbreaks for new versions of iOS could also have played a part in the shutdown.