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Open webOS ported to Nexus 7 with working Wi-Fi and browser

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webOS Nexus 7
webOS Nexus 7

While HP may have crushed the spirits of webOS fans last year, the Open webOS project brings a glimmer of hope to those faithful disciples of Palm's departed mobile operating system. It was ported to the Galaxy Nexus in short order, and now the same webOS Ports team has managed to get it up and running on the Nexus 7. While it's a jerky and feature-incomplete port at this time, a few key features appear to be working just fine — the Nexus 7 with webOS can connect to Wi-Fi and load pages in the browser, one of the cornerstone features of any good tablet. It's only an alpha release right now, but apparently it wasn't too challenging — WebOS Nation notes that the developer behind it got the port running in about a week over his winter break from college. While there's no doubt that this is a downgrade in functionality compared to the standard Android software the Nexus 7 runs, it's always a pleasure to see any evidence of webOS cheating death for another day.