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Social media helps free blogger jailed for 'hacking' Ecuadorian president

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Paul moreno
Paul moreno

Last Friday, blogger Paul Moreno was arrested after he revealed how he tricked a national identity database into giving him access to the Ecuadorian president's "secure data." Although described by Wired as "hacking," the blogger's process seems remarkably simple: after looking up the president's date of birth and national identity number online, he simply guessed a set of two numbers in order to access his account. Far from being malicious, Moreno says his intent was to highlight the security issues in the hope of driving change. However, after publishing the story, he was arrested, and was reportedly to be held for 45 days while authorities investigated.

Moreno's incarceration begat a social media campaign for his freedom, and it achieved its aim yesterday when the president ordered the blogger's release. Local news cites the president as giving Moreno permission to publish all his data, adding "this president has nothing to hide." On his release, Moreno tweeted "I am free. Many thanks to everyone."