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Gmail 2.0 for iOS released with redesigned interface, multiple account support, and more

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Android users got an updated version of Gmail yesterday, and now iPhone and iPad users are getting some attention. Version 2.0 of the Gmail app is now available in Apple's App Store, offering an assortment of enhancements — including support for multiple accounts, predictive search results as the user is typing, and an "infinite scrolling" inbox. The app also features better integration with Google's own services as well; users can now reply to Google Calendar invites directly within the app, and can add comments to Google+ posts as well.

The app's redesign does bear some resemblance to Sparrow, the popular email application that Google picked up in July, though according to MG Siegler the Sparrow team was not part of the effort. The original Gmail, when it was finally released last November, proved frustrating due to several limitations and missing features. Google has slowly but steadily continued to update the client, and the latest set of improvements will no doubt narrow the list of outstanding complaints. We have seen some problems upgrading the app on our iOS devices, but you can download the new Gmail directly from the App Store instead.