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PlayStation 3 ranks as most popular Netflix device in the living room

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netflix official
netflix official

Sony is outpacing both competitors in the gaming space and set-top box manufacturers when it comes to Netflix streaming. Today Netflix revealed that its subscribers view content on the PlayStation 3 more often than any other device in the living room. Holding that top slot means Sony's console remains ahead of the Xbox 360, Apple TV, Roku's various streaming devices, and other hardware. In a statement, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says the PS3 has even topped the PC "at times" to become the service's most popular platform overall — though it appears that's not presently the case.

The Netflix experience on PS3 has come a long way since it originally launched in 2009; at the time, users were inconveniently tasked with inserting a special disc every time they wanted to watch something. Yet it seems Sony and Netflix have developed a strong working relationship in the years since, with the console getting first dibs on a number of key differentiators like 1080p video, 5.1 Dolby surround sound, and frequent interface updates.