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Skype terms of use reveal forthcoming video messaging feature

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Skype logo stock
Skype logo stock

Earlier this year, we learned that Skype was preparing to launch a new video messaging client, and an update to the service's terms of use gives a few new details about the service, which will be part of Skype for Windows 8 when it rolls out. If you scroll to the end of Skype's terms of use page, you'll find an entry that allows Skype Premium users to "send and receive an unlimited number of Video Messages," while those who aren't Premium subscribers will only be able to send an unspecified limited amount (though they'll be able to receive unlimited video messages). Premium users also have the benefit of not worrying about when their messages will expire, while others will need to save their video messages within 90 days or lose them forever.There's still on word on exactly when this service will launch — but with the update to Skype's terms of use, we'd imagine it'll roll out sooner than later.