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Occupy protestor will plead guilty to keep subpoenaed tweets under wraps

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Gallery Photo: Occupy Wall Street's one year anniversary
Gallery Photo: Occupy Wall Street's one year anniversary

Malcolm Harris, the 23-year-old Occupy Wall Street protestor whose deleted tweets had been at the center of a dispute between Twitter and the Manhattan District Attorney's office, is to plead guilty to disorderly conduct on Friday. The plea means that his tweets, which Twitter eventually handed over after fighting a subpoena, won't come into public view as trial evidence; Harris' lawyer Martin Stolar expects his client to be sentenced to time served, according to Reuters.

Harris is reportedly concerned that some of his tweets could implicate other Occupy members, and is more worried about making that data public than pleading guilty to a minor offense. While his account information seems likely to remain safe, the convenient resolution to this case probably won't reassure Twitter users that the company is able to keep their information private.