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Sydney planning smartphone-powered light show during New Year's Eve fireworks

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Sydney fireworks
Sydney fireworks

Every New Year’s Eve, Sydney plays host to a dazzling display of fireworks over Sydney Harbor as the clock strikes midnight, but this year the city will be injecting even more technology into the proceedings. According to PhysOrg, an app will be made available for attendees with iPhone and Android handsets that will synchronize the smartphones for a light show. The phone displays will show different colors at designated times throughout the night, with officials hoping that viewers will hold their handsets in the sky to help aid the spectacle.

If you're struggling to visualize what that might look like, you need only look at a similar tactic used by Coldplay. The band handed out LED wristbands on their Mylo Xyloto tour that were designed to light up in time with the music and event lighting, which made for a spectacular sight. It’s impressive to see such simple technology so dramatically enhance such events, and if Coldplay’s demonstration is anything to go by, Sydney will be putting on quite a show come New Year’s Eve.