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Apple hires former Microsoft hacker to bolster OS security

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Apple Retina MacBook Pro 15 STOCK
Apple Retina MacBook Pro 15 STOCK

In its latest move to crack down on the security of its operating systems, Apple has hired Kristin Paget — formerly known as Chris Paget — as part of its security team, Wired reports. Paget formerly worked to discover flaws in Microsoft's Vista operating system before its 2007 launch. Although Paget is barred from discussing her work at Apple, her LinkedIn profile says she is a core operating system security researcher at the company. Apple's products aren't common targets for hackers, but recent attacks on both OS X and iOS may have led to Apple softening its marketing language and appearing for the first time at this year's Black Hat conference. Apple's recent focus on security combined with Paget's expertise may be just what the company needs to stay one step ahead of constantly evolving software exploits.