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The Vergecast is live today at 10:30AM PT / 1:30PM ET / 6:30PM GMT

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vergecast big
vergecast big

When today is yesterday and tomorrow is today, you will have your Vergecast. Which is to say, it'll be today — but only if you're reading this when "today" means "Friday, December 7th, 2012." And since it's not a full 24 hours after the usual time, we refuse to say the Vergecast has been delayed. Nay, it's precisely on time when it means to be. We just knew Josh, Nilay, and Paul might be late to the studio by... oh, we'd estimate 20 or 21 hours. It'll happen, though, and you can be sure this is the place to be.

Update: The live show is over, but the replay is below. Enjoy!