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Windows Phone 8 'keep Wi-Fi on' setting spotted on HTC 8S, coming in future update

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HTC 8S hero
HTC 8S hero

Microsoft is preparing to change the Wi-Fi functionality on Windows Phone 8 in a future OS update. WPCentral reports that the latest builds of Windows Phone 8 include a "keep Wi-Fi on when screen times out" feature that will ensure a cellular data connection isn't used when the device isn't in use. Windows Phone users have complained about this functionality since Microsoft released the operating system over two years ago.

The option was spotted on a HTC 8S Windows Phone running version 8.0.10211.204 of the OS. Microsoft is busy preparing an update for existing Windows Phone 8 devices that will be widely distributed in January according to our own sources. The update will include this Wi-Fi fix and is part of a number of updates planned for Windows Phone 8 that fall under the company's codename Apollo+ plans.