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Google debuts YouTube redesign, puts original channels front and center

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youtube redesign
youtube redesign

YouTube is getting a significant redesign that puts subscriptions front and center. Over the past several months, Google has been pushing a cleaner, simpler design language on its myrid sites and apps, and now YouTube is getting the same look and feel, adding the same white and grey color scheme and sparse layout found in apps like Google+ and Google Now. While you’ve always been able to subscribe to channels, Google is pushing how the subscription-focused design is "just like adding your favorite shows to your DVR." Watching videos has changed, too, with content edging closer to the top of the screen, and playlists showing up just to the right, making it easier to flip through other videos on the same channel. With YouTube investing heavily in its own original channels, it only makes sense that it would try to make that content as easy as possible to access and navigate through, and the new design is a big step in that direction.