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Google SVP Vic Gundotra was told to stop tweeting after infamous 'two turkeys' taunt

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Vic Gundotra smiling at SXSW
Vic Gundotra smiling at SXSW

Shortly after the launch of Google+ in June last year, Google Senior VP Vic Gundotra went silent on Twitter. The logical assumption was that he was showing his faith in the nascent G+ product by abandoning competing social services, but it turns out there was another cause for his Twitter absenteeism: his boss simply told him to stop tweeting. In an interview at the Social Media Marketing conference this week, Vic revealed that his now infamous jibe about Microsoft and Nokia's strategic alliance back in February 2011 (tweet embedded below) got him in trouble with higher-ups at Google, leading to his now-dormant Twitter profile.

Vic reports all of this with a bashful smile on his face, so it's unlikely that he was given too severe a reprimand for the tongue-in-cheek commentary, however it clearly ruffled enough feathers to get Larry Page to have a chat with his senior exec. Gundotra's social activity is now completely focused on Google+, where he can be found posting revelatory pictures from unannounced Nexus products and otherwise stirring up fans' excitement and enthusiasm for Google's products.