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Sony quietly launches web-based store for movies, TV shows, and PlayStation games

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sony web store
sony web store

Sony today began testing an online version of its PlayStation Store, offering a selection of games, movies, and TV shows for purchase and download. The company has yet to officially announce the Sony Entertainment Network Store, but it went live Friday morning, putting it in square competition with Microsoft's Xbox store and other web-based media outlets. Today's announcement also comes just a few months after Sony launched an e-book web store in June.

SEN Store prices appear to be on par with those offered on the console-based PlayStation Store, with payments accepted via credit card, pre-paid cards, and PayPal. All purchased content is automatically added to a user's download queue, though enabling automatic downloads requires adjustments to your Account Management settings.

All SEN Store content is available for PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP, with movies and TV shows also compatible with PCs, Sony tablets, and Xperia smartphones. The store also offers links to discounted offers and other deals, including a "12 Deals of Christmas" promotion, going on now.

In comments on a blog post today, Sony's Fred Dutton said the company is still testing the store, and that it "looks forward to announcing and launching to the PlayStation/Sony community shortly."