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Samsung bringing split-screen mode to Galaxy S III with Premium Suite upgrade (update)

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Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III pebble blue (STOCK)

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S III will receive a Premium Suite update. The software upgrade is intended to bring across features originally found on the Galaxy Note II, including Multi Window and Page Buddy. The former will allow you to open two different apps at the same time by splitting the screen in two users will be able to navigate the browser and an email client simultaneously, for example. Page Buddy, meanwhile, intelligently opens apps depending on the actions you take. If you plug in a pair of headphones, Page Buddy will move you across to a new homescreen where a music player will be waiting,

Other features include contextual menus, contextual tags for photos, and a Facebook news ticker for the lockscreen. NFC functionality will see a slight tweak too, with the new Auto Share Shot Pairing mode allowing users to beam any new photos or videos to another NFC-capable device as soon as they’re taken. Right now the update looks to be for the international model of the Galaxy S III, and Samsung says further rollouts and availability will depend on individual carriers.

Update: Samsung has released Part II of its overview of the Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy S III. New features demonstrated here include a low-light shot mode in the camera; a Best Face mode in the camera that works in a similar fashion to features offered by Nokia Lumia smartphone the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform to make sure everyone is smiling in your pictures; a new Setup Wizard; Easy Mode for smartphone beginners; and more. Check out the video below for a detailed look at these features.