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Good Deal: 'Hotline Miami' is $5 on Steam this weekend

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Hotline Miami Good Deal
Hotline Miami Good Deal

If you've yet to check out Dennaton Games' hyperviolent, neon-drenched Hotline Miami, there's good news — Steam is having a sale. From now until December 10th you'll be able to pick up the brutally satisfying action game for just $5, 50 percent off the regular price. The game is available for Windows, though a Mac version is expected in the near future, as is a hefty dose of downloadable content to extend the experience even further. But if killing and pig masks aren't up your alley, Steam has also temporarily cut the price on the sci-fi strategy game FTL: Faster Than Light (one of my own personal favorites), which is now available for just $5.99. You can grab both deals at the source links below.