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Nintendo details the history and prototypes of the Wii U

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Wii U controller prototype
Wii U controller prototype

Nintendo is hoping to replicate the success of the Wii with the new Wii U, but how did it come up with the idea for the unusual controller? Nintendo has posted a Q&A session with the development team behind the console and its first-party games, detailing their thought process for the machine and how they arrived at the final ideas. The team also shows off the controller prototypes that they devised to help aid the development process: the first was a Wii Zapper gun with a small screen attached to the end, while the second a monitor with two Wii controllers attached using double-sided tape bears a closer resemblance to the final product. Despite the sales so far, the developers concede that the Wii U's concept is more difficult for consumers to grasp. "It's a challenging product to get across its appeal in a few sound bites."