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Samsung Galaxy Camera with Verizon LTE confirmed by product page

Samsung Galaxy Camera with Verizon LTE confirmed by product page

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We learned last week that Samsung was likely planning a 4G LTE version of its cellular-connected Galaxy Camera thanks to a recent FCC filing, but now the company has posted an official product page for the device. As expected, the Verizon-compatible LTE version of the Galaxy Camera is virtually identical to the HSPA+ model currently offered by AT&T, save for the different wireless radios inside. What is odd here is that there is no mention of a CDMA compatible radio in the device's spec list, something that was alluded to by the FCC filing earlier. That means that unless you are in Verizon's 4G LTE coverage map, the cellular option won't be very useful. Fortunately, the carrier is making that harder and harder to do, as it now has well over 400 markets blanketed with LTE in the US. We can't say that the slower cellular connectivity offered by the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Camera was our biggest complaint with the device when we reviewed it, but it doesn't hurt to be able to take advantage of the faster speeds offered by Verizon's network. There's no information as to when the LTE Galaxy Camera will launch with Verizon, or how much it will cost, but if the AT&T model's $499 price tag is any indicator, it likely won't come cheap.

Update: It appears that Samsung has pulled the product page listing the new LTE version of the Galaxy Camera. We suspect that it won't be too long before an official announcement is made, however.