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Microsoft reportedly moving Surface into additional retail stores 'within days'

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Surface stock pink
Surface stock pink

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is currently only available in the company's stores across the US or online in select countries, but that might be about to change. Paul Thurrott over at Windows IT Pro is reporting that Microsoft's original plans to extend retail store availability, tentatively scheduled for early 2013, have been pushed forward. Thurrott says that within days Surface will be "available far more broadly than via its current, limited distribution system."

Recent reports have suggested that a lack of distribution is "killing" Surface sales. Surface has been spotted in Verizon stores recently, but Microsoft has continually declined to discuss its plans for additional Surface distribution. If the report is accurate then we might see Surface in additional US retailers at a peak time during the holiday shopping season. That's something that Microsoft needs if it wants to make Surface a success.