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US Department of Transportation wants to require 'black box' recorders in all new vehicles

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Audi R8 sports car design awesome stock 1024
Audi R8 sports car design awesome stock 1024

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has introduced a proposal that would require all new cars to be fitted with "black boxes" to record data in the event of a crash. These event data recorders — which save information like vehicle speed, whether or not the driver used their brakes, and if seat belts were buckled — have been built into cars by various manufacturers for years, and the NHTSA estimates that about 96 percent of next year's vehicles already have them. This proposal will require all new cars to include recorders beginning in September of 2014. It is similar to a transportation bill that passed the Senate earlier this year, but ultimately floundered due to privacy concerns. While the NHTSA's proposal does address driver privacy, it may still encounter the opposition similar attempts faced.