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Chrome code update reveals plans for desktop Google Now integration

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Google Now public alerts
Google Now public alerts

Developers have updated the latest version of Chromium, the open source version of Google's Chrome browser, with a 'skeleton' framework for showing Google Now cards, a clear sign that the predictive search service is making its way from Android to the desktop. Currently non-functional, the code change was spotted by François Beaufort and posted on Google+ this morning — the developer responsible for the initial update, 'vadimt', now appears to be working on connecting the browser with the Google Now servers and obtaining geolocation information to support the system's location-based features.

The news follows an update to the core Google Now service for Android which was pushed out earlier this week, adding an automatic boarding pass feature similar to Apple's Passbook for iOS — the app now periodically checks users' Gmail inboxes for flight information, bringing up relevant QR codes as they near the terminal. Other new features include increased integration for the app's voice search feature, which now offers product searches and relevant information from Google+.

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