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Nook Simple Touch drops to $79 starting tomorrow

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Nook Simple Touch (White) Stock
Nook Simple Touch (White) Stock

Barnes & Noble offered its Nook Simple Touch e-reader for $79 during last year's Black Friday sale, and now it's making the discount permanent. The device launched back in June 2011, and the company has since launched a newer model — the $119 Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight — which now looks like a very expensive upgrade. But the older model should still get the job done, and stacks up well against the $69 entry-level Amazon Kindle which does not have a touchscreen. The new price isn't as great as the $59 it sold for this Black Friday, but it's good for those looking for a cheap and capable e-reader. Barnes & Noble says the the new price will take effect beginning Sunday, December 9th.