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Free 8-bit 'Street Fighter X Mega Man' crossover game out on December 17th

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street fighter x mega man
street fighter x mega man

Capcom has announced a free PC game that will bring the Mega Man and Street Fighter series together at last. Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available on December 17th, and looks for all the world like a new 8-bit Mega Man game with Street Fighter characters for bosses. Like the recent throwbacks Mega Man 9 and 10, the graphics and music all recall the NES entries in the series, and we'd expect the legendary difficulty to be similarly preserved.

While the Osaka company is renowned for its crossover games that blend characters from various franchises — this year's Street Fighter X Tekken, for example — we're more excited about this one than most. You'll be able to download the game from the Capcom Unity blog on December 17th, but until then check out the trailer below for more.