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KDDI backs down over Android push notification 'advertisements'

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KDDI has stopped sending out advertisements via Android push notifications, but maintains that it was only distributing information on its own services.

Gallery Photo: 6.7mm Fujitsu Arrows ES IS12F hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: 6.7mm Fujitsu Arrows ES IS12F hands-on photos

It was alarming to note recently that KDDI, Japan's second-largest carrier, had apparently begun sending advertisements to its Android users via push notifications. After significant negative user feedback, the carrier decided to stop pushing the messages. According to comments made by KDDI representatives in a Keitai Watch report, the company was only giving users information regarding its own internal services, with no outside advertisements ever having been displayed. Accepting the user agreement displayed with an AU One Market update would have granted the carrier permission to send targeted marketing, however, and (as we noted previously) the way the agreement was presented made it easier to opt in than out. While KDDI maintains that it wasn't selling out its users, it admits that it needs to think harder about how to communicate with them. Other carriers around the world would probably do well to take note of KDDI's experience here.