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Nikon 1 sensor 'capable of 4K,' faster lenses on the way

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Tetsuya Yamamoto, General Manager of Nikon's Development Headquarters, has outlined plans for the Nikon 1 system in an interview with DP Review. Yamamoto raises the possibility of future 4K support for the system, and says the company is working on lenses with faster apertures.

nikon 1
nikon 1

We weren't all that impressed with the Nikon J1, finding its mix of small sensor and unconventional interface to stack up poorly next to competing Micro Four Thirds or NEX cameras. Nikon doesn't just create a new lens mount and ecosystem every year, though, and the company clearly has big plans for the 1 line — some of which have been explored in a DP Review interview with Tetsuya Yamamoto, General Manager of Nikon's Development Headquarters.

One of the major flaws we noted in our J1 review was the lack of fast, bright lenses, an issue compounded by the small sensor, and this makes taking good low light pictures very difficult on the 1 cameras. Yamamoto says the company is working to develop lenses with larger apertures while keeping the overall size down. This will also help improve the 1 cameras' autofocus system further — one of the J1's features that actually did impress us. The most head-turning comment is the claim that the Nikon 1 sensor is capable of 4K video, with the company investigating possibilities for the future. While the 10-megapixel sensor technically has enough pixels to qualify, we'd expect any 4K product from Nikon to look very different to the V1 or J1.