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The Netherlands had the most active Twitter users in 2011, while Brazil saw the biggest growth

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A study has shown that Brazil has overtaken Japan in having the second greatest number of Twitter accounts, while the Netherlands has the greatest percentage of active users.

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Brazil saw the most growth in Twitter users last year, whilst Dutch twitterers were the most active according to a report by French analytics company Semiocast. The USA still holds the crown for the most users, with 107.7 million accounts active before the first of January this year, though its users aren't as prolific as those in Spain, Japan, or the Netherlands — the last of which saw 33 percent of all users post at least one tweet between September and November, as compared to the USA's 28 percent.

And despite overtaking Japan in having the second largest number of accounts, Brazilian users might not have embraced the service in quite the same way as their Japanese counterparts — even with 3.4 million more accounts, Brazil has a five percent lower number of regular tweeters. This is a big gain in a country where social network Orkut has been dominant: although Google's offering has around 39 million users in Brazil, it has seen a 20 percent fall in pageviews over the last three months alone.