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'Breaking Bad' reinterpreted as a retro RPG

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CollegeHumor has uploaded a "Breaking Bad RPG" video, recreating the TV series as a retro RPG.


Tired of waiting for the final season of Breaking Bad? We have something to help the months go by a little faster, or at least entertain you for the next few minutes. CollegeHumor has taken the first four seasons of the show and created a video interpretation of what they would look like as a SNES-style RPG.

The video begins by offering the "player" a choice between three character classes: 'good' (no characters available) 'evil' (no characters available) and 'morally ambiguous' (the entire regular cast). After choosing everybody's favorite anti-hero, Walter White, the "game" starts with the character being given the news that he has cancer. After being presented with a $90,000 bill. a moral conundrum appears. "What do you want to do?" requests the game, "ask for help? accept fate? or cook meth." After the inevitable choice is made, we're treated to a simplified walkthrough of the show's storyline, featuring beautifully rendered 16-bit Albuquerquean locales, epic battle scenes, and even a Gale Boetticher mini-game.

This is a real treat for fans of the show, but as previously mentioned, it does work through the entire storyline thus far. With that in mind, if you're not done with season four just yet, you will find some huge spoilers waiting for you in the video below.